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What we offer?

  • A completely new, original, and extremely simple to use way to have a visible presence directly on your customer’s iPhone
  • A targeted, direct, private, non-intrusive way to send messages and coupons to your customers on their iPhones (Blackberry and other coming soon)
  • 24/7 residual advertising directly on your customers iPhone

How it works?

  • 5 message types can be sent to your customer:
    – Text Only Messages
    – Coupons
    – Images
    – Web Site Links
    – Videos
  • Messages are sent from you from your private message portal, to all, or a select group of your iPhone Customers
  • Provide a fun way to initiate giveaways, (i.e. gift certificates)
  • Messages delivered instantly – removed when they “expire”, are deleted by the consumer, or redeemed (coupons)
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